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Episode 103 : For The Culture


"So many thoughts in my mind, making it very hard to unwind..."

- Abbey Smith

As we come to the end of what has certainly an eventful year, to put it mildly, the Hip-Hop world lost two people who really committed to the culture; Combat Jack, and DJ Pam The Funkstress. They won't be with us going into 2018, so we need to keep pushing on on their behalf...let's get to it.

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Ras Kass : Mike Jack

A little something from Ras' 2009 "Quarterly" mixtape, with him ripping the mic over both direct Michael Jackson samples and the beats from other Hip-Hop tracks that sample MJ. Having recently been to DJ Spinna's brilliant "Forever Michael" party in Manchester, I thought this'd be a good one to open with.

The Mouse Outfit : Escape Music (Instrumental)

The Outfit is continuing to put out strong product with a third album looking to be on the horizon, but here we go back to their first LP - this is the instrumental of the title track. Wonderfully polished production.

Dubbul O ft. Tyler Daley : Do What You Can

Two of my favourite artists on the Manchester scene - certified mic-melter Dubbul O from Mothership Connection alongside half of the brilliant Children of Zeus! Dubbul O's new "Smoka-Motive" EP has a much brighter sound than you might know him for, but it's a style he absolutely nails. Mankub supplies the production for this standout which will be getting even more play when the weather improves!

A Tribe Called Quest : Melatonin

Stress, anxiety, and insomnia are three close companions which can be a lot to bear, and Q-Tip takes it all on in this great song from the final Tribe LP "We got it from Here...Thank You 4 Your Service". Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry) and Arkansas' Abbey Smith also contribute vocals that really elevate the track to the next level. That snap on each bar between the second and third beats does make it sound like I'm messing up the mix at first :),  but it's a nicely jarring little element of the track. 

Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard : Keep Ya Coat On

Got this one on a white label, but it's taken from Pudgee's 1993 "Give 'Em The Finger" album. He's probably best known by most for the track "Think Big" with Biggie and Lord Tariq, but he does his thing here, speaking on various people who need to get up out the paint immediately! Tony Dofat is on production with a beat that is very much of its time sonically.

Heavy D : Blue Funk

I can't even front, I wasn't really into this one when it came out but I've come to appreciate it in hindsight! The late, great Heavy D shows his charismatic mic skills on the title track to his fourth and penultimate LP over a beat from his little cousin Pete Rock, complete with some cuts to season the stew.

[Thes One] People Under The Stairs : Youth Explosion (Instrumental)

A 12" from way back in 2000, which I've just found is also available as a digital release if you're interested!

Sugar Bear : Don't Scandalize Mine

Sugar Bear The Powerful Powerlord (not one for subtlety) might qualify for one-hit wonder status within Hip-Hop, but what a hit! He struck gold with his braggadocious rhymes over a classic 80s beat, sampling Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime". Bonus - the video finally surfaced this year, and is worth a watch for some period flavour!

Zion I : Revolution (B-Boy Anthem)

All the way back to the first full track on the debut Zion I album right here; they had a very unique sound for an American group, with a lot of influence from D&B and other electronic forms. This one, true to the title, is like a late-century take on electro courtesy of Amp Live, with Zumbi on the mic and DJ Vinroc putting in a guest appearance on the turntables.

Miguel Migs : Getaway

To be strictly accurate, this closing track from the "Outside The Skyline" album features the vocalist George Levin, but this is just the intro to the track. I think that swirling, almost wah-wah synth pattern combined with that bassline is a winner :) 

Michael Trapson : Startin' Somethin'

It's been about a year and a half since I last played something by this guy on the podcast, but he's a regular in the headphones! You can tell by the way he portrays MJ that he's a fan, and his impersonation is pretty on-point. This is a digital-only single release which was well worth the quid I paid. When you have a track that's funny but also well-executed, it's a pleasant surprise!

Photek : Quadrant

If this wasn't so fast, it'd be a perfect one to mix with Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" - the kick drum pattern/tone change is pretty much identical! A clear favourite from the "KU:PALM" album.

Talib Kweli ft. Anderson .Paak : Traveling Light

I remember when Talib was one of the new guard coming up on the underground, and all these years later he's nothing short of a fixture in the scene. "Radio Silence", released last month, is his eighth solo album, and this cut from it is fire. Kaytranada on production and Anderson guesting bring things bang up-to-date. The hidden highlight for me? That weird, distorted, vocoded scream in the hook!

Killer Mike ft. Emily Panic : Anywhere But Here

Another year, and sadly, this 2012 track from "R.A.P. Music" is as relevant as ever. Mike speaks on police violence, first in New York, and moves to Atlanta to find things no better. The grinding beat by El-P fits the heaviness of the subject matter, and as I've said before, you can see how Run The Jewels ended up coming together. I had to look up Emily Panic, who contributes the hook and outro - she's a comic and a musician, but no joke here, all business.

Samantha James : Find A Way

Maybe not everyone's speed, but I love this tune. Samantha James has one of those incredibly clear singing voices - not overpoweringly loud, just clean and precise. The production of Sebastian Arocha Morton keeps her in the forefront of this solidly midtempo track from her sophomore album "Subconscious", which is well worth getting if you like this!

Children of Zeus : This Christmas

Rounding off a great year for them, Children of Zeus re-release some seasonal love vibes, with Tyler Daly taking the lead vocally. Get your own copy ready for next year either from Soundcloud or as part of the "Two Syllables Volume 14" compilation!

JS aka The Best : Love Affair

Seriously though, I want to know if people really do just call JS "The Best" as a matter of course. Anyway, he does a good job here on his contribution to "The Ghostface Beat Tape" from Washington's The Beat Tape Project :)

The Coup : Tight

We close proceedings this month with what has long since become a rarity (a DJ track on a Hip-Hop album), from a recently departed member of the Hip-Hop family. The late DJ Pam The Funkstress gets to take centre stage with her turntables and show a few of the skills that made her respected.

Please remember to support the artists you like! The purpose of putting the podcast out and providing the full tracklist is to try and give some light, so do use the songs on each episode as a starting point to search out more material. If you have Spotify in your country it's a great way to explore, but otherwise there's always Youtube and the like. Seeing your favourite artists live is the best way to put money in their pockets, and buy the vinyl/CDs/downloads of the stuff you like the most!

Episode 102 : Play With Joy

Playmobil DJ

"Give me a minute, I'll give you my spirit."

- Konny Kon

Another month, another mix to keep your ears nourished! Listen out for Juice Crew appearances and connections throughout the selection, after Manchester witnessed them tear up the stage this month. We've got some soulful numbers, turntable wizardry, and quotables for days. Let's get it started...

Twitter : @airadam13


Cesar Comanche : A-Game

With the intro and all that, this is a track that needs to be at the start of a mix, and as such I've been saving it for quite a long time. One of my favourites from the original days of the Justus League, this track is from Cesar's second album "Paper Gods", and is a great ode to working hard in music and not being a hanger-on or a daydreamer; as the title suggests, bring your A-game. 9th Wonder is on the beat, slapping that snare as always!

Kev Brown : The Beat Tape (Instro)

One of the instrumentals from the "Selective Hearing" LP; nothing super complex, just a good example of doing something funky with a handful of elements. The insertion of that "yeah" sample is worth the price of admission!

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo : Letters

Another one I've had in the "to play" list for ages, it's a straight mic workout for G Rap taken from his final album in collaboration with DJ Polo, "Live and Let Die". As an aside, I didn't realise that the album was shelved some time after initial release because of the controversial cover art! Luckily, it got a re-release so you should be able to find it - there are some excellent tracks on there. As with most of the rest of the album, Sir Jinx, best known for his work with Ice Cube, handles the production; a nice funky soul sample forms the basis of the track.

Wordsworth : Feel Me

Hadn't given "The Picture Album" a listen in a long time and had totally forgotten about this Ill Poetic-produced track - I was looking to include something featuring Masta Ace but this got the nod instead, as it were. "Feel me internally"? Hold that thought, we're coming back to it later in the show...

Bumpy Knuckles : Lazy

One of those tunes you can drop on a mixtape or in a club night full of real heads. DJ Premier on the beat with a meat-and-potatoes drum pattern underpinning a disjointed string sample, and Bumpy going in on the mic straight line style. Bonus points for him impression of crying MCs in the intro :) We will definitely return to the "Konexion" album again!

Big Daddy Kane, Jay-Z, ODB : Show & Prove

The full version of this tune from the 1994 "Daddy's Home" album is long! Coming off a loop of the DJ Premier beat, I actually missed off the first three verses (Scoob, Sauce Money, and Shyheim) and jumped in at Kane's appearance. A then mostly-unknown Jay-Z can be heard here with his old style, and ODB shuts it down on the final verse, overwhelming the track with sheer force of personality! Three Brooklyn kings, no question. The sharp-eared amongst you will find the last word on the tune very familiar...

[Pete Rock] All City : Priceless (Instrumental)

I played the vocal version of this many moons ago on episode 12, and Pete Rock's beat fits brilliantly here - a bridge between the explosion that ends the previous cut, and the tempo of the one that follows...

Top Rawmen : Symphony 3000

I'm amongst friends here, so I can admit it - at least partly due to cultural differences, I didn't realise for years that this turntablist crew's name is a pun! Yeroc, Nando, Nomad, Mike c, and Jay Slim brilliantly execute the concept of a turntable version of the Juice Crew classic "The Symphony" on this selection from "Return of the DJ, Volume IV". The beats are sampled/cut/reworked from that 1988 record, and several quotes from the track get sliced and diced here too.

Camp Lo : Cookers

This Ski-produced B-side (you know the deal) from the "Trouble Man" single bangs hard in a specific way that often makes it tough to fit into mixes, but I think this is a good spot for it! There's a detail worth noting on this one - check how Sonny and Geechi start each two-bar phrase of the first verse with their syllables landing dead on each hit of the kick drum. 

Diamond D ft. Kurupt and The Alkaholiks : We Are The People Of The World

Diamond just keeps on going - with a record collection and a mind like his, the beats will hopefully keep on coming for a long time yet! His 2014 album "The Diam Piece" is a producer-centred project where he brings in a star-studded roster of guests to bless his beats; on this cut, we get veteran West Coast lyricism from the 'Liks and Kurupt, keeping it positive. I do need to stop giving myself these awkward bar counts to mix with though...

J-Zone ft. Has-Lo : Caddy Coupe

I love seeing people win, so this track works on two levels; firstly, it comes from "Fish 'n' Grits", an excellent album from the latter phase of J-Zone's musical career, and secondly because of the story. I can totally get behind a real-life tale of a man treating himself to a bit of luxury after a hard working life; it's just a genuinely nice story. Philadephia's Has-Lo takes the second verse to expand the theme a little more, and Zone's production (in all senses of the word) is excellent and inventive as always.

Trifeckta : First Time (Janet Jackson Flip)

I wanted to bridge here with something having a bit of 80s style and also some soul, and finally found the right beat on the Producers I Know compilation "The 80s Beat Tape" - which I'm sure we'll visit again. St.Louis'/NYC's Trifeckta dices up some Janet Jackson and tops it off with some skilled drum machine work.

John Legend and The Roots : Hang On In There

Somehow the "Wake Up!" collaborative project slipped by me until recently, despite being years old! It's mostly made up of covers of old soul records, and they're done well. Here's one example, their take on the low-key 1972 classic "Hang On In There" by Mike James Kirkland, with a beautiful groove and a solid message.

Children of Zeus : Rock You Internally

Yet another great cut from Konny Kon and Tyler Daly, both of whom are in fine rhyming style right here - classic tag team vocal styles. No slouches on the boards either, they cook up a quality beat from a classic soul sample. "The Story So Far..." is an essential purchase...and that's just a collection of their past work. The album, when it comes, is really going to be something.

Ill Camille : Take A Ride

Ill Camille is an artist coming out of Los Angeles who gets much respect from those in the know. While her latest LP "Heirloom" is getting rave reviews, here we go all the way back to 2011's "The Pre-Write" for a track which I think features the sadly late Alori Joh ; they collaborated on a version of this track I've seen titled as "Take That Ride". Camille handles her business here lyrically, and the hook is very nicely done as a bonus. I've not got any credits indicating who produced it, but I do like the beat - incidentally, all that EQ/filtering going on towards the end is part of the track itself!

KING : The Greatest

I don't know how many times I've played this track this year, but it's a lot. Paris Strother kills it on this production (as she does on the whole "We Are KING" album), and on the mic along with the other two members for this ethereal and grooving tribute to the great Muhammad Ali. If you're hearing it for the first time, it deserves an immediate rewind - alternatively, watch the excellent 8-bit-styled video :)

Tall Black Guy : Sade's Taboo (Sweetest Taboo Blap-Up)

The brother from another mother (and father) once again shows you how he flips well-known samples into his own head-nodding, shoulder-slumping style!

Craig G : W.F.W.T (What's Fuckin With That)

Ending things on an up note, we take a track from the amazingly titled "I Rap and Go Home" album. The Juice Crew veteran gives you a small window into his life as a live performer..and he loves it! Again, I like to see people win and so it's nice to know that Craig's working life is pretty awesome. Vaporworldz isn't an artist I've heard of before, but this beat is on-point; a light, cheerful head-nodder with a little reggae seasoning in there. I hope Craig G and the rest of the crew left Manchester with happy memories - although we couldn't help much with the weather, sadly.

Please remember to support the artists you like! The purpose of putting the podcast out and providing the full tracklist is to try and give some light, so do use the songs on each episode as a starting point to search out more material. If you have Spotify in your country it's a great way to explore, but otherwise there's always Youtube and the like. Seeing your favourite artists live is the best way to put money in their pockets, and buy the vinyl/CDs/downloads of the stuff you like the most!

Episode 101 : Staying Power


"Gotta risk a life just in order to make a living."

- Le$

This month, we keep things at a moderate-to-low tempo, allowing you to conserve some energy as autumn draws in; all you need to do is keep that head bobbing! 

If you're anywhere near Manchester, don't miss out on the Juice Crew on November 13th.

Twitter: @airadam13


Redman : The Saga Continues (Da Countdown)

Apologies for the sound quality - the vinyl I have sounds pretty grungy to begin with! This (from "Ill At Will Vol.1") was the first track I think I heard Redman talking about his Gilla House label on, and he is seriously hyped up! Killer beat too, and great use of the Dre sample for the opening and the hook.

Alchemist : Stuck To You

A nice beat from Alchemist's "Rapper's Best Friend" beat compilation, later used on the similarly named "Stuck On You" by Prodigy on his excellent "Return Of The Mac" mixtape.

Natural Elements : DroNEs

A new release from one of my favourite crews! Natural Elements spit lyrics about government surveillance over the beat from the classic "Clones" by The Roots. The call-and-response motif on the piano is a killer, and the beat as a whole is spare enough to avoid overpowering any MCs - as though that would ever be a concern with these three...

Raekwon : Nothing

One of those tracks where the radio version definitely has the edge over the uncensored album one! Raekwon stays bringing that low-key gangster talk on this cut from his latest LP, "The Wild". Production is by Frank G, who cooks up a nasty beat - slowing down a classic soul drum break and topping it all off with that vocal sample that forms the foundation of the hook.

Jay-Z ft. Frank Ocean : Caught Their Eyes

The vibe on this selection from "4:44" fits in pretty well here I think. Jay is in scalding form, talking about surviving the world around him on the first verse and then talking raw about the administrators of Prince's estate on the second. Production is by No I.D, who also gets points for finishing the track with the sample of Joseph Welch asking of Senator McCarthy "at long last, have you left no sense of decency?" - I wonder if we'll reach a political moment like that in the near future...

Count Bass D ft. Snoop Dogg : Too Much Pressure

Brand new 2017 release from two veterans in the art. Count Bass D comes through with some low-speed synth funk that perfectly suits the mellow Snoop vocals.

Terrace Martin presents The Pollyseeds : Chef Dubble E

The Pollyseeds are Terrace Martin's band, and they are seriously skilled musicians - those who caught them at Band on the Wall will have experienced that first-hand. Their new album "Sounds of Crenshaw Vol.1" is kind of jazzy, kind of groovy, definitely genuine and absolutely worth your time for a listen. I just love the low end on this one, bending along with the motif set by the rest of the musicians and forcing you to feel it as you turn the volume up!

Scram Jones ft. Saigon : No Surprise

Nice little track from the "Dead Giveaway" free EP - released exactly four years ago on Halloween 2013. Scram and Saigon tell their own stories of their introductions to Hip-Hop and how they came to work together on a chilled, guitar-led instrumental.

M-Dot ft. Method Man and Dominique Larue : Shine

I've only just found out that this record was released as a single, and that was all the way back in 2014! My first hearing of this was as part of the new "Ego And The Enemy" LP from Boston's M-Dot. If you think you hear an Eminem-ish tone on the closing verse, you're not the only one - I had to double-check the credits! Columbus MC Dominique Larue of the group Heresy is someone I hadn't heard before but will definitely be checking based on her bars here, and a feature from Meth just puts the icing on things. Soulplusmind provides the production - the change-up for the hook is what does it for me on this beat.

Dubbul O x Clay : Commence

Quality from the Room 2 camp out of Manchester. Dubbul O always heats up the mic and Clay gives him a solid beat to get busy on. Available as a "name your price" release on Bandcamp and once again...this B-side wins.

Ras Kass : Eyes Don't Lie

This is one of my headphone regulars finally finding its way onto the podcast! It's slightly awkward to mix with the "eyes don't lie" refrain being three bars rather than an even number, but that's just a concern for us DJs :) Ski produces this tune from Ras' "Institutionalized Vol. 2" mixtape, and Ras is excellent on the mic as per usual.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth : Get On The Mic (Instrumental)

Both of the Pete & CL albums are 100% must-owns for any Hip-Hop fan, and when I saw an instrumental version of "The Main Ingredient" on vinyl a while back, it had to be grabbed. Just enjoy Pete Rock's SP-1200 mastery on this one.

Dilated Peoples : Let Your Thoughts Fly Away

Big shout out to my man Gez, who bought me the excellent "Directors of Photography" album for my birthday a few years back! This is my favourite track on there, but at around 73bpm, a tough one to find other records to go with; I'd been saving it and found a great spot for it here. Diamond D kills it with this beat, another one with a slightly unusual bar count, putting some bump on a wicked jazz-rock sample. Rakaa Iriscience and Evidence go back and forth with short six-bar verses, coming through crystal clear at this laid-back speed.

Hus Kingpin ft. Milano Constantine and DJ Q-Bert : Serotonin High

When I heard that Big Ghost Ltd had produced an album, I had to get it - someone with such a well-documented high bar for what he considers to be hard enough (and a relentless disregard for the weak) would surely come through with the goods. He takes the helm for the "Cocaine Beach" project by NY-raised, L.A-resident MC Hus Kingpin (aka Lord Wavy), which is on that experimental street vibe that fans of someone like Roc Marciano will appreciate. This cut bangs along with the gravelly vibes of Hus and guest Milano Constantine of DITC painting street brushstroke over the top. The absolute capper, though, is the appearance of legendary turntablist DJ Q-Bert, who shows stunning control on his patterns here. Definitely an album to check - though a short one, at around 38 minutes.

Ken Dawg : Playa In Me

I picked up the "Mo Thugs Family Scriptures" album way back in 1996 for one reason - it was a bargain. I wasn't even into the Bone Thugs sound, but found a few gems on there that I enjoyed, and this was one of them. This was Ken Dawg's first release, and he was featured on projects as late as 2003. He may not have a deep catalogue or the most dazzling wordplay, but all the same he made a good record here!

Children Of Zeus : I Can't Wait

Konny Kon and Tyler Daly are continuing to build momentum towards the completion and release of their debut album, but for now they're feeding the people something to hold us over. The "The Story So Far..." compilation brings together all the tracks they've had out on Soundcloud and Bandcamp up to now (some of which you'll have heard on the podcast), and is an absolutely essential purchase. Soulful as always, this track is one of their latest releases, still bringing some sunshine as we approach the winter months!

The Cool Kids : Popcorn (Instrumental)

Found this one on the "Gone Fishing : Instrumentals" collection - truthfully, not even my favourite beat on there, but not only does the speed come in right where I need it to, but the vocal samples form a counterpoint to the Children of Zeus track that comes before!

Le$ : 45 South

I think Spotify Radio brought this one to my attention after a playlist of mine ran out, but it grabbed me on the first listen. Le$ is an MC out of Houston (but born in New Orleans) who's been associated with the Boss Hogg Outlawz and Curren$y's Jet Life click, and really seems to represent a new wave of talent coming from the city. He gives you some of what you might expect lyrically but definitely drops some other gems in amongst it all, weaving politics and street/industry politics into the mix. On the beat here is DJ Mr Rogers, with a slow track very much in the Houston tradition and perfect for a SLAB. I definitely need to sit down with the "Midnight Club" album off the back of this one!

Please remember to support the artists you like! The purpose of putting the podcast out and providing the full tracklist is to try and give some light, so do use the songs on each episode as a starting point to search out more material. If you have Spotify in your country it's a great way to explore, but otherwise there's always Youtube and the like. Seeing your favourite artists live is the best way to put money in their pockets, and buy the vinyl/CDs/downloads of the stuff you like the most!

Episode 100 : We Made It.

Air Adam mosaic

"One hundred on the percentage, I don't talk split..."

- Q-Ball

Wow, what a milestone! In the early days of the show I didn't know we'd still be here after this long, but focusing on just producing one show at a time has paid off. Every month I feel like I must have run out of tunes, but one hundred months in....not quite yet ;)

Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to listen. Please spread this one far and wide!

Twitter : @airadam13

For this month's charity draw (check the end of the show for details), the website to donate to is MSF, entries close on the 21/10/2017. 


Air Adam & Mega Ran : Pacman

Hitting you with a special right out of the gate! This is one of my own beats, done many moons ago when my man Kev 80s asked if I could make something out of sounds from the "Pacman" arcade machine. I sampled some audio out of an arcade emulator into the MPC and got busy; when I played it for Kev over the phone, he went out of his mind! I knew I had something, and I got this beat pressed onto a dubplate which some of you will have heard me pull out and play occasionally over the years. I've always thought it deserved some lyrics, and I was honoured to have Mega Ran bless it for a 100th episode special. Not only is he an ill MC, but one who knows his video games and has been a real pioneer in flipping gaming sounds and themes to devastating effect! No hook, just straight bars for you - I really hope you enjoy this one as much as I do every time I hear it :)

Visioneers : Apache (Battle Dub)

My man Bane pointed me in the direction of the Hipology 7" set by Marc Mac's Visioneers, and it's a nice five-disc, ten-track set paying respect to Hip-Hop's influence in his life. There's a mixtape of it on Bandcamp, but it's worth getting the full release! To start off a mini-theme in this part of the show, we go with their take on the classic track "Apache", a true foundation break of Hip-Hop. If you want a bit more background on it, check the film "Sample This"!

Ilajide : Apache 2

This man is one of my favourite producers of the last few years, and here he kills it with a great flip of the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five version of "Apache"(you can just hear him letting it play as I blend the track in). Slowed, chopped, and with some added ODB flavour, it's a monster that on its own makes a purchase of "Five Week Heet IV" worth it!

Nas : Made You Look

A lot of people like to talk down on Nas' beat selection, but in my opinion you have to give him this; whenever he needs to drop that one big street single, he can. "Nas Is Like"? "Get Down"? "The Don"? That's just three off the top of my head, and this one could well go ahead of all of them. Salaam Remi flips that "Apache" breakbeat but making it slower and more menacing and Nas is on top form setting out his stall on this first verse. When this track dropped it got everyone open for "God's Son", and you can guarantee crowd response in a Hip-Hop club when the hook hits. Just one verse here, then blending during the hook into a killer remix...

Nas ft. Styles P and Ludacris : Made You Look (Remix)

Eleven synonyms for "gun" in just the first three bars of his verse is what stands out for me on Nas' closer right here. You have to bring it when you get a verse like Ludacris' preceding lyrics, and while you don't hear it on this episode, Styles P also got it done. This remix was killing the net and mixtapes when it came out but to the best of my knowledge, it never got an official release - if you know otherwise, get at me!

Aim & QNC ft. Grand Puba and Sean Price : We Don't Play (Curt Cazal Remix)

A great union of Grand Central-connected acts, along with some big guests! The original from the "The Habit of a Lifetime (And How to Kick It)" LP with Aim's production is dark, but Curt Cazal takes the darkness in a completely different direction for this remix. Treat yourself with a bit of extra volume for this cut because even with just two bass notes every couple of bars, it definitely bumps! Lyrically, all the verses are solid but as usual, I think Sean P takes it. Also check the homage being paid to EPMD, first with the opening bars, and on the hook too!

Seanie T, Karl Hinds, Jeff3, and Skeme : Had E-Nuff

I can't count the times I wanted to play this on the show but just wasn't happy with the mix! From Seanie T's Western-themed "The Blacknificent 7" superteam (just four on this track) we have this thumping AA-side with all MCs sounding seriously vex over a Karl Hinds beat. The Guru sample for the hook is just the icing on the cake!

DJ Spinna : Fancy Pants

Always here for a DJ Spinna beat, and this is an old one which has only just become available. The "Unpicked Treats Volume 1" collection on Bandcamp is made up of unreleased beats from 2005 to the present, and if you're a fan it's definitely one to check. This track has that trademark squelchy keyboard low end he does so well.

Redman : Tonight's Da Night

From Red's debut "Whut? Thee Album", we take the start of the jazzy third single, which has a lyrical switchup after the first few bars, and then do a little switch of our own...

Royal Flush : Best Type Of Rapper

...into this - I did this transition once live and the crowd went mad calling for the rewind! Big tune from the 2005 "Street Boss" album by Queens' Royal Flush. I haven't been able to find a producer credit for this one, but it's an energetic, horn-laden track over a classic break with Flush's staple street braggadocio delivered with what is still a low-key flow.

Naughty By Nature : Craziest

In a time when Hip-Hop was much more localised (and NY-centric) than it is now, the all-area respect theme of this track was a rarity; the video does a great job conveying it too. A fantastic but in my opinion, under-appreciated single from the "Poverty's Paradise" LP. NBN self-produce the track, and the particular combination of sounds like little else while also being very comfortable/familiar somehow. Treach and Vinny then proceed to get amped on the verses (did Treach ever get his money from Jermaine?), and the hook is straight classic. I'd love to hear a Leeds, Manchester, or just a UK version of this one!

DJ Quik ft. B-Real : Fandango

I think this is an amazing tune, and I love to find opportunities to play it when I DJ. The first full track on the "Trauma" LP, it's just big sounding and driving, with the horns taking centre stage and reminding you of an HBCU marching band - if you can't get live to this one, you should seek medical attention!

DJ Quik ft. B-Real : Fandango (Live at the House of Blues)

There aren't that many live Hip-Hop albums so being able to do a mix like this is rare, but taking the opportunity to catch that crowd energy is a winner. This is from the "Greatest Hits : Live at the House of Blues" album, which was recorded in February 2006 and is a release absolutely worth having in your collection! B-Real's killer second verse gets the crowd hype here and Quik brings it home strong, while the band do an excellent rendition of Quik's original production.

Showbiz & A.G. : Silence Of The Lambs (Remix)

Claaassic Diggin In The Crates product right here. The original cut on "Runaway Slave" is dope, but this remix is just incredible. Those blaring, almost discordant horns scream to be heard over Showbiz' wicked drum sampler programming, before settling down into the groove of the verses. This is the time when both members were getting on the mic, before Showbiz (now just Show) decided to focus on his work behind the boards. He could easily have carried on, but given that he's responsible for beats like "Sound Of Da Police", he can be forgiven for rationing his time. One aside - check the low, distorted evil laugh during the hook!

Chemical Brothers : Chico's Groove

The Chemical Brothers' "Exit Planet Dust" was a huge debut release, which came to the attention of me and mine via the use of several tracks on Channel 4's NBA coverage back in the day :) While they're primarily a dance act, there were some more laid back cuts on the album, and this was a standout for me - the feel of the first part of the track before the bass section comes in is just gorgeous.

The Mouse Outfit ft. Black Josh and TrueMendous : It's Like That

New track from a Manchester crew who continue to go from strength to strength - if this is any indication of what their next album will sound like, they're onto another winner! Chini's beat is chilled but the drums snap, and as always the right MCs are drafted in to grace the track. Black Josh has been working with The Mouse Outfit for a while and delivers some solid lyrics, but is at least matched by the dextrous TrueMendous out of Birmingham, who shines on this one!

Camp Lo ft. Mecca : Sky Box

The closing track on Camp Lo's second album, the appropriately-named "Let's Do It Again", this gentle Jocko-produced track is a tribute to loved ones Sonny and Geechi have lost along the way. One of the rare five-star tracks on my iPods.

Tall Black Guy : Broken Lies

A little something from the "Mini Therapy Chops 3" single by TBG, laid back but very tech with the drum programming, throwing in some great rolls and cymbal work!

Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah : Rainy Dayz

Ok - I don't know if this is definitely my favourite Hip-Hop song, but is absolutely my favourite song on my favourite Hip-Hop album, the mighty and must-own "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...". A beautiful, dark, twisted beat from RZA in his golden period is the perfect setting to hear Rae and Ghost talk about being stuck in the drug business, with Blue Raspberry killing the vocals as the woman left at home worrying about her man. RZA cites it as one of his favourites, and with good reason. As far as my own relationship with this track; a) I played this once a day minimum for at least six months after buying the album, and b) that part where the audio seems to disappear towards end is the cue burn I put on this vinyl learning how to rock doubles on some highly unsuitable turntables!

Jan Hammer : It's Over

A short instrumental from the "Cocaine Cowboys" soundtrack. An amusing story about that OST is that the producers of the film were nervous about asking Jan Hammer to do something in the vein of "Miami Vice", in case he took offence and declared he'd moved past all that; as it tuned out, he had all the old synths upstairs ready to get busy!

Rakim : Bring It On

Very little available info on this one. It appears to be a remix of a 1995 track produced by Dominic Owen, but neither version was ever released. The sound quality on the white label compilation I have is pretty awful, but I tried to add a little top end to the EQ to counteract the worst of the muddiness. Rakim is in aggressive mode over a hard beat that definitely could have gone down well at the time, when the rugged East Coast sound was popular. This is the kind of relative rarity I love to share with you all!

Please remember to support the artists you like! The purpose of putting the podcast out and providing the full tracklist is to try and give some light, so do use the songs on each episode as a starting point to search out more material. If you have Spotify in your country it's a great way to explore, but otherwise there's always Youtube and the like. Seeing your favourite artists live is the best way to put money in their pockets, and buy the vinyl/CDs/downloads of the stuff you like the most!

Episode 99 : Straight From The Sixth Ward

Makeshift recording!

"Acknowledge the scholarship."

- Sean Price

One of the more challenging episodes I've released in the history of the show, thanks to an unexpected illness and subsequent surgery. I'm out now and on the mend, but the sound quality of the voiceover I recorded while in the hospital is somewhat rough, so apologies; will be back at podcast HQ for the 100th show!

PS - it seriously was the sixth ward...

Twitter : @airadam13


Sean Price ft. Illa Ghee and Head I.C.E. : Go Rambo

I don't know what that sample is, but I like it! I've been saving this track for this episode, one that Roc Marciano produced (got this wrong on the voiceover) for the "Songs In The Key Of Price" mixtape, but also put out on PF Cuttin's own Soundcloud. Unsurprisingly, Sean drops the best verse of the three!

Apollo Brown : The Answer

For a relatively low-key opening to the show, I needed an instrumental which achieved quality without being too bombastic - mission accomplished by this piece from Apollo's "Thirty Eight" album.

Ka : I'm Ready

I might have to experiment trying to put together the kind of beat that Brownsville's Ka can take to this kind of level. As it is though, he does a fantastic job self-producing with skill and subtlety. Barely any drums there, just enough to to keep a rhythm under the atmospheric backing. One of my favourite wordsmiths, Ka is the thinking person's MC and his clear, steady delivery allows you to catch every word. "The Night's Gambit", his third solo LP, was another triumph.

Roc Marciano : Better Know

A great artist to play next to Ka - both men have a very distinct aesthetic and a mutual respect that has led them to work together to great effect. It's been a bit of a wait for Roc's "Rosebudd's Revenge" LP, but we finally have it and it has that vintage crime feel we know him for in spades, not least on this track. 

Boldy James ft. Vince Staples : Give Me A Reason

Nothing uplifting and edifying here, just unrelenting darkness from the two MCs on this pick from the "My First Chemistry Set" album. Alchemist's beat sounds halfway between crime thriller and 70s prog-rock, and fits perfectly.

Beres Hammond : No Disturb Sign (SD50s Remix)

Going with a reggae flex going into the break, we have an artist who specialises in the Lover's Rock subgenre, which will be especially familiar to my Black British listeners of a certain age :) Beres started his career in the seventies, but this cut is a remix of a track from his 1994 album "In Control". The SD50s come through with a relaxed boom-bap backing for this tune about staying in bed for some romantic time!

Apple Juice Kid : Sacrifice

Once more, we return to the "Beats of a Revolution" instrumental album for this gentle but percussive number, which is just the right pace to transition into the next section.

Hannah Williams & The Affirmations : Late Nights & Heartbreak

This may sound familiar to many of you, thanks to No I.D. sampling it as the musical basis for Jay-Z's "4:44" - given the lyrical themes of each track, it's a very appropriate usage. Lovely bit of soul from Winchester's Hannah Williams and her band, which is the title track from their 2016 LP. The production on the Jay-Z record makes use of the actual session recordings as well as some custom re-records, but you can hear the foundations right here.

Facemob : The Other Side

Facemob was a multi-regional group assembled by Scarface of the Geto Boys, made up of 350 (Ohio), DMG (Minnesota), Devin (Florida), Chi-Ray (Illinois), and Smit-D (Texas), at a time when many of those regions weren't getting the respect. This is essentially the title track from their 1996 debut "The Other Side Of The Law". Scarface produced most of the album, but on this particular track Michael Poye and Uncle Eddie lay down some slow funk. It's not a powerhouse of a cut lyrically, but I would say Devin had the best verse.

Bronx Slang : Well, Well, Well

The bluesy-soul of this cut blends really well into this spot, courtesy of friend of the show Jerry Beeks and rhyme partner Ollie Miggs! Both MCs go back and forth dreaming of various superlatives over a beat from East London's Jadell.

MC Eiht ft. The Lady Of Rage : Heart Cold

Welcome back Lady of Rage! If you were around in the era of "The Chronic", you thought Rage was going to blow up huge after "Afro Puffs", but it didn't quite turn out that way. Nonetheless, she carried on working both on the mic and in front of the cameras as an actress, and it's great to hear her here alongside fellow West Coast legend MC Eiht on the DJ Premier-executive produced LP "Which Way Iz West". Austria's Brenk Sinatra is on the dark and dramatic beat, with fitting scratch work over the top.

Ulrich Schnauss : Thoughtless Motion

I was going to save this for a future selection I'm curating, but it was just a little too slow and so I thought I'd bring it here. The London-based, German-born Schnauss has a nice catalogue of synth-based music, and this track from "No Further Ahead Than Today" has a feel reminiscent of an 80s thriller soundtrack.

The Doppelgangaz ft. Tnava : Roll Flee

The "Dopp Hopp" LP is likely well worth checking if this big tune is anything to go by. The cloak-wearing duo out of Orange County (New York) harness something of a West Coast sound on this one, with bonus points for the vocoder! 

Soopafly : I Feel

Trivia note: Soopafly played keyboards on "Natural Born Killaz" - I only just learned that this week! He's a West Coast veteran who has been putting in work behind the boards and on the mic since the mid-nineties, and we go here to his third album, the 2011 release "Best Kept Secret". This song reminds me very much of Common's "I Used To Love H.E.R", with Soopafly speaking about music in general and Hip-Hop in particular as though it were a woman, and describing a relationship. Excellent track with great production.

Oh No (ft. Roc C and Aloe Blacc) : Keep Tryin'

One of those tracks I do rather like but had forgotten about for a long while. Oh No's "Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms" LP was an album completely built around samples from Galt MacDermot - a concept which is exceedingly rare, since it generally requires the green light to go through the archives of the sampled artist! Definitely worth a listen, and then heading back to find some of the original sources.

Sean Price : Rap Professor

This was first released a few months ago, but is most readily available on the posthumous Sean Price album "Imperius Rex". A compact two bars of boastful, humourous, disrespectful rhyming from a real specialist over a DJ Skizz beat. By the way, do try mofongo if you get the chance, recommended.

Soul Supreme : Beat 16

Dug this up off the hard drive from Soul Supreme's "Instrumentals 4 the Mind, Body, and Soul" collection. Sadly, this looks to have been deleted but will hopefully show up as a digital release at some point. 

Invisible Circle : Crazy In Leeds

The 12" I got this on doesn't have as much credit information as I might like, but this killer B-side is a huge Leeds posse cut over the then-current "Crazy In Love" beat. Unapologetic Yorkshire Hip-Hop heads throwing down in fine style to close this month's show!

Please remember to support the artists you like! The purpose of putting the podcast out and providing the full tracklist is to try and give some light, so do use the songs on each episode as a starting point to search out more material. If you have Spotify in your country it's a great way to explore, but otherwise there's always Youtube and the like. Seeing your favourite artists live is the best way to put money in their pockets, and buy the vinyl/CDs/downloads of the stuff you like the most!

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